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Best Betting Sites 2023

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  • Play Now is an online sports betting blog, where you can find news and ratings from the most popular online sportsbooks. You can also find the most trusted betting sites reviews and bonuses in that way increase your betting odds. Some of our top sportsbooks are SportsBetting AG, BetOnline, Intertops, Bookmakers and Bovada.


If you’re a new bettor our team has created a “how to bet guide” where you can learn important betting information step by step, by another hand if you are looking for the best betting site we have researched and tried the most popular sports betting sites, right next to the sportsbook brand you can find the rating and the review based on our own and players experiences.


Before to place your online betting it’s important to research and understand how betting sites works, that’s what make for you! Our team is constantly monitoring the online gambling sites to provide you a list of the best, so you can make sure to bet on legitim gambling sites only.

Why is so important research before to betting online?

Information has been the key to most of the worldwide business and its applied on online betting too. One of the most important tips is Never bet if you don’t have an idea of the sport, player or wherever sports you want to wager. provides you the best-betting sites reviews and the most updated sports pick.


Information is money, so here you have it. We collect the betting information from the most important betting forums & from bettors feedbacks, you can be sure that the info read here is 100% trusted with the best possible quality. No matter if you’re a beginner or expert can be your betting resource.

Compare sportsbooks read reviews and share

When we talk about sports betting, research and share information can be a great Strategy, we highly recommend leaving your review on our betting sites page in that way you can help new players and get info too even if you are an experienced bettor.


At we want to be more than a Sports betting blog, we want to be a community where players can get great information, bonuses, picks, odds and more.

Why us? is decentralized sports betting blog; we don’t take money to promote an exclusive sportsbook. We don’t publish paid content, and we don’t help and/or encourage the scam sportsbooks.


Our blog has been created mainly for new players, people who are looking for a good sportsbook where they can place bets.