NFL Week 7 | Betting Picks ATS

Here you will get free NFL picks for all the games of the National Football League. We have an overview with a lot of statistical data, the best odds of each bookmaker for each money line, spread and totals. You will also get information on betting values for each game of the NFL regular season and playoffs. Which teams will be going to Super Bowl LV?


NFL Week 7: Our Best Betting Picks against The Spread

Four teams opened as double-digit favorites in Week 7 in the NFL. Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and the Los Angeles Rams are all playing at home against what would be considered bad teams this week. As a result, they all face double-digit point spreads. Despite the big spreads, there are still some that are advantageous for bettors. Here are…

NFL Week 7: The Five Best NFL Player Props For Thursday Night Football

Week 7 has arrived and Thursday Night Football should be very competitive. The Denver Broncos will travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns. Denver and Cleveland are coming off losses, so expect both teams to compete hard for a win. There is value with the spread in this game, but the player props are perfect for primetime soccer. Since…

NFL Week 7: Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns October 21, 2022

This Thursday night, two teams that have been disappointed with dismal performances the last two weeks will face each other. The Denver Broncos will visit the Cleveland Browns, both teams will be looking for their fourth win of the season and put their record in positive. The Broncos have now dropped 3 in a row after an unexpected 3-0 start.…

NFL Week 7: Best Over/Under Betting Predictions

Heading into Sunday’s games in Week 7 of the NFL season, the edge continues to lean toward the UNDER betting the total line. That bet has a 55.4% win rate over the previous six weeks. Last Sunday, the first six games of the day all came in under the closing total line. Two games ended as a PUSH, while four…

NFL Week 6: Bills vs. Titans Monday Night Football Picks and Predictions

The Buffalo Bills have 4 wins in a row after the turnover with which they started the season. They have a +108 point differential, or +21.6 per game, and the best turnover differential as well with +11 in just 5 weeks. They have recovered 15 fumbles between the 4 wins with a minimum of 3 in each game, an unsustainable…

NFL Week 6: Best NFL Betting Picks ATS

Welcome to Week 6 of this NFL season. There are a lot of great games with great numbers on both sides and totals. If you’ve been waiting to bet until a few weeks from now, and waiting to see where teams have placed, now is the best time to get involved. The NFL season is relentless and it all starts…

Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Chargers Betting Prediction 17 Oct, 2021

Los Angeles Chargers face another tough test as they head into Week 6. After a close game against the Browns, they now face another AFC North opponent. As they prepare to face the Ravens, Justin Herbert continues to impress. This will be another opportunity for Herbert to establish himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the AFC. The Baltimore…

Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals Betting Prediction 17 Oct 2022

Two teams coming off close losses will square off in Week 6 when the Bengals take on the Lions. Each of these teams lost by a field goal to close the game, and both lost to NFC North teams. The Lions were defeated by their division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Although they lost the game, they almost took the game…

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins Betting Prediction 17 Oct, 2021

The Miami Dolphins head to London to take on the Jaguars on Sunday. After being defeated by the Buccaneers, this looks to be a great matchup for the Dolphins. Although their team has been plagued with injuries, they have done their best to stay competitive. They will face a much more favorable opponent this week when they take on the…

NFL Week 6: The Three Best Underdog Betting Picks

We only hit one of our underdogs picks on the money line last week, as the Bills won as visitors at Kansas City. Chicago and Philadelphia also won as underdogs last week. Who will it be this week? The underdogs have a 31-49 record this season and there is more than one potential candidate this week. Let’s take a look…

NFL Week 6: Eagles vs. Buccaneers Betting Prediction 14 October 2022

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have their third prime time game of the season this Thursday night. The opponent this time will be the Philadelphia Eagles, who just won their second game of the season, a comeback win over the Carolina Panthers. Tom Brady threw for his first 400+ yard game and 5 touchdowns in his career last Sunday. It’s…

NFL Week 6: Best NFL picks against the spread

NFL Week 6 marks the first week in which teams will have rest. The Jets, Falcons, 49ers, and Saints will have the week off. We’ll look to capitalize on another week of winning picks. After a respectable 3-2 mark in Week 5, here are the five best bets against the NFL Week 6 spread. Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers Forecast.…

NFL Week 6: The best Over/Under Betting Predictions

The OVER had a clear advantage in last Sunday’s NFL games at 9-5 in 14 games. As expected, Sunday night’s showdown between Buffalo and Kansas City went over 56 points, but the game wasn’t as close, as the Bills beat the Chiefs 38-20. NFL betting trends still favor the UNDER through the first five weeks of the season. However, the…

Indianapolis Colts vs Baltimore Ravens Betting Pick October 11, 2022

This Monday night the Indianapolis Colts will be looking for their second victory of the year. Their opponent is not an easy one, the Baltimore Ravens started the year losing against the Raiders, but they have 3 wins in a row led by Lamar Jackson and a great ground attack. The Colts got their first win in week 4 by…

We all like to think we’re good at picking games and being the sharpest guy in the room. Some of us even pride ourselves on knowing the latest news about our favorite team. But if you have been betting with your heart than your wallet is probably empty. That’s because fans with a few bucks to bet have a tough time of winning but bettors who do their homework and study injury reports enjoy a much higher success rate.

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Bet with the Best

Friends are great to have but they don’t always know what’s best for us because they don’t always know what’s best for themselves. That said, don’t take a buddy’s advice when it comes to their choice of offshore betting sites because you simply don’t know if he’s put them through their paces. There’s a possibility your buddy who never met a big home favorite he didn’t like and has never even attempted to withdraw his winnings. Getting the money in your hot little hands, as quickly as possible, is one of the sternest tests a sportsbook faces. Why sweat the game, only to then have to sweat the payout? It doesn’t make any sense which is why you need to do your homework when it comes to finding the best offshore sportsbook that’s right for you.

After watching all your NFL picks cash, now it’s time to collect. You don’t want any hassles and the process should be as seamless as it was to sign up. The problem is that there are hundreds if not thousands of sportsbooks online and they are not all created equal. Like in any industry, there are good and bad. Fortunately, you have a friend on

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But if you are having a tough time deciding, think about this for a moment. Don’t choose one - choose three, four even five. That’s right, every sharp player needs options and if you want to get the best line for all your NFL picks then open accounts with several premium sportsbooks. It won’t cost you any more than what you have allocated for your betting bankroll. Instead of putting that entire stake into one book, divide it up and spread it out. Why bet the Packers -7 when you get them at -6 NFL Odds somewhere else? Even a half-point can be the difference between winning and pushing. You need options and at BettingFinder, we give you plenty!

Football Betting Strategies

Now that you have chosen to register at one of the more premium betting sites, it is time to strategize and make some money. Remember that there is more than one way to bet on football and here we will explore a tried and true strategy that can go a long way towards fattening your wallet. We call it arbitrage and here’s how it works.

As we all know there is a full slate of NFL games every Sunday. But not all those games are played at the same time and that’s where this strategy begins. Timing is everything and here we will choose our best bet in the early games (1:00 PM ET) and put it in a two-team teaser. A teaser allows the bettor to add six points to the underdog or subtract six points from the favorite. The catch is that you must do this with two teams and both teams must cover to cash your teaser. The second leg of the teaser will be one of the later games and here’s why.

Step 1. 1:00 PM ET Jaguars at Bengals (-6) - Assuming the Cincinnati Bengals are your best bet in the early games, you will use them in the first leg of your two-team teaser. You get the Bengals at a pick because in the teaser we are allowed to subtract six points (6-6=0). If the Bengals lose outright the teaser loses but then again, so too would the Bengals -6 that you would have included as one of your straight NFL picks. But let’s assume the Bengals win (they don’t need to cover the six-point impost because you have them teased down to a pick), now it’s time for phase two.

Step 2. 4:25 PM ET Colts at Seahawks (-8 ½) - In the second leg of your two-team teaser, you have the Seattle Seahawks teased down to -2 ½ (8.5 - 6 = 2.5). So now you are in the driver’s seat. While everyone else that favors Seattle in this matchup must lay 8 ½ points, you have them at -2 ½. Naturally, you can choose to sit on that play and hope Seattle wins by three or more but there is something else you can do if you want to be an arbitrageur. Follow me to the third and final step.

Step 3. Bet the Colts +8 ½ for the same amount as your teaser. Yes, that’s right you have opened up a tasty six-point “middle” and can now win both bets (the two-team teaser and Colts +8 ½) if the Seahawks win by 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 points. If they win by more or if they lose the game outright then you are at least covered in terms of breaking even (minus the vig).

This is just one betting strategy that can be used when placing your NFL wagers but before you do anything, do your homework and research a top-notch sportsbook(s) that’s right for you. And you can do it all - right here at BettingFinder.