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(Unsolved) Player complaint: Betus told me I will never receive my money

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On August 7 a Betus (sportsbook Rating D) player posted on SBR Forum that the sportsbook declined to pay his balance. According to the player, the reason exposed by Betus is “He has not made a deposit since 2010 for that reason the player isn’t eligible to withdraw any amount“. The player added that he received two free play bonuses $25 in 2014 and $50 in 2016 so he didn’t need to make any new deposit since he had some good bets.

The Betus.com player reported that right now his account balance is over $1600, he contacted the support team, and they let him know that he needs to make a deposit of $1600 and play up $32,000 to be eligible for a first withdrawal. Of course, the player doesn’t want to spend that amount and look like that’s the only way to cash out his winnings.

Player Transcription
On the phone with Betus today trying to cash out and the 2nd person I spoke with told me and I quote I will never receive any money. WTF.? Any help out there or am I just screwed? He said since I have not made a deposit since 2010 I am not eligible for a withdrawal and went on to say they run a business and paying customers who don’t make deposits is not good business. His reasoning was they gave me a free play of $25 in 2014 and another 1 of $50 in 2016. I accepted both and since there is money in the account never felt a need to make a deposit. Currently there is just over $1600 in the account. He said i would need to make a deposit equal to the amount in the account which would bring the balance to around $3200 then play up to $32,000 in wagers before being eligible for a withdrawal and only $1600 would be eligible. Is there anything I can do to get paid? I am obviously never making a deposit with Betus.

According to Betus.com free play policy
4. On winning Free Play wagers, only the win amount will be credited to players available balance (Source).

We’ll keep this complaint updated until we have a final decision from Betus sportsbook.

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