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(Unsolved) Player Complaint: Nitrogen Sports Account Frozen

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On August, Thursday 2nd an SBR forum player reported an issue with Nitrogen Sportsbook, according to the player the sportsbook frozen his account pointing out a multi-account player. However, the player has said that “He hasn’t created any other account with Nitrogen” on another hand he mentioned that has two years betting on Nitrogen Sportsbook without any problem.

The player wrote

Yesterday at noon I made a withdrawal request and checked back at 2 pm only to find it still pending and then I placed a wager, afterward finding my withdrawal request was canceled and placed back into my balance. I went to type in chat to ask why this was only to get an auto message back saying.

System [0] You are banned for another 9999999 minutes (Account Frozen).

Based on the player post

He contacted Nitrogen Sportsbook customer service to let them know about the situation, however, after 24 hours there isn’t answer from the sportsbook.

The player adds
I responded back with a message basically stating that I have been a member of nitro for over two years, have made 3.3 BTC in deposits, I place many wagers per day with them, have never been banned due to betting late lines or anything. Make regular withdrawals and deposits. I have zero needs for multiple accounts and have never made one. It’s been 24 hours, they won’t respond to my tickets or emails with any info, it’s just we have forwarded this info. I have a decent balance there and I am absolutely dumbfounded that I am dealing with this right now.

Nitrogen Sportsbook is rated as B+ well known as one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. However, its ranking isn’t enough to be featured on our best betting sites page.


Complaint Update
The player never got an answer from Nitrogen Sportsbook, account still frozen. We’ll keep eyes on this book to decide if a rating downgrade is necessary.

Source: SBR Forum

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