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(Solved) Player complaint: Betcity.com blocked my account

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On August 2nd a Betcity (Rating D sportsbook) player reported on SBR forum an issue related to an account blocked. The Italian player said that after six success wagers the sportsbook limited his account to €0.01 after that the account access was unavailable.

He contacted the Betcity support team, and they requested ID, Licence, Selfie and more details to validate his account. After one month the account still blocked and there isn’t a way to cash out his bets.

Player transcription
Sorry for my English but I’m Italian.I wanted to warn you to stay away from Betcity (ex betsbc.com) because they put in place a real scam. After a 5-6 bets placed (I do not remember exactly) I have limited the bet to 0.01 EUR and then blocked the bill with the money still inside. I contacted the support via email and they asked me a thousand documents and photos: ID card, driving license, photo of the face, my photo while I hold the ID card, my photo while I have ID card + sheet on which there is written today’s date by hand etc.In the end they are stuck on the passport that I do not have, or rather I have not renewed.So now almost a month has passed and I’ve lost hope. I open this thread only to warn other users not to pay even a penny to these thieves.
Player update, Payment issued
On August 5 the player updated the situation. He said that All is solved, his account was unblocked but he still limited to €0.01, so he decided to cash out all his money form Betcity sportsbook.

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