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We are an informational website that is focused on online Sports betting sites. This website does not accept wagers or provide any gambling services. Review 2022

BetOnline is considered the best online platform to bet on NCAA college basketball. The site is known to offer some of the best odds and prop bets available anywhere. The sportsbook attracts massive traffic during the March Madness season. Live sports betting is available as well.

BetOnline primarily caters to the American market, but bettors from anywhere in the world can join. The sportsbook operates from Panama City, Panama. BetOnline is the rebranded version of Best Line Sports that was first launched in 2001. Best Line Sports was later purchased and made available as, and more recently,

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In addition to the site’s popular college basketball lineup, it offers a lively poker room highly popular among players based in the U.S. Signees can also join the online casino with full service.

BetOnline has a spinoff site under the domain, which shares the same sportsbook, same odds, same payment methods, and the same service staff.



BetOnline is trusted by its players and rarely receives negative feedback. Players have a particular affinity to the site because of early opening lines and massive bonuses. The sportsbook is highly rated and averages an +5 rating on our best-betting sites page.

The BetOnline website is known to be reliable and highly secure. While some have complained about payment issues in the past, there are no recent incidents reported of bettors not getting paid. BetOnline in 2016 made the withdrawal method much speedier, and since then payments go through smoothly.

BetOnline posts the sportsbook lines on Sunday evening. This is very early by nearly all industry standards. Most other sportsbooks don’t have the lines out until Tuesday for NFL games. For NFL games that start the following day, BetOnline makes betting available even before the tip-offs. So bettors using this sportsbook can get their money in much earlier than other sites even post odds. Night bets are limited to under $250, but it’s still hugely advantageous to early bird bettors.

Unlike most websites, BetOnline doesn’t charge any fees for using cryptocurrencies. Players can make BitCoin withdrawals and deposits without paying absurd service charges.


BetOnline rules when it comes to NCAA college games, but their poker room has a shady past. Players in the past have complained about unfair treatment. It should be noted that these customer complaints are strictly limited to poker players and not sports bettors.

While BetOnline has improved its practices significantly in recent years, the poker room is not as well rated as the rest of the site. There have been complaints from players about accounts being frozen after they ran up massive balances in accounts. BetOnline has in return accused players of chip dumping and other fraudulent practices. There was an infamous incident where a poker player had $65,000 frozen by BetOnline. The site said the player was chip dumping but offered no evidence to support the claim. The site did eventually settle the dispute with the players and some half a dozen players had their accounts unfrozen and got paid.

In the past three years, however, there have been no serious complaints regarding BetOnline, not even in their poker room. Customer satisfaction has increased after the site improved the withdrawal system. There’s no reason to believe that players won’t be able to make withdrawals now.

Deposits and Withdrawals

BetOnline offers multiple deposit methods, so players can enjoy a good amount of flexibility. The site accepts many types of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club. Not many other betting sites accept credit cards other than Visa and MasterCard. The site also accepts multiple cryptocurrency payments. There was a fee associated with Bitcoins in the past, but that charge has since been eliminated.

For transactions less than $1,500, person-to-person transactions are also highly convenient. Customer support confirms such transactions within several hours. For large payments up to $25,000, players can mail certified bank checks as well. These payment methods do incur service fees, but BetOnline typically reimburses payers that deposit more than $300.

BetOnline AG has a large payout options methods, some of the best options are ETH, BTC and LTC which is totally anonymous. However, you can also use the conventional methods such as Check, P2P, Bank Transfer and Neteller.

  • Bitcoin - Min. $20
  • Litecoin - Min. $20
  • Ethereum - Min. $20
  • Visa - Min. $50
  • MasterCard - Min. $50
  • P2P - Min. $50
  • Skrill - Min. $10
  • Neteller - Min. $10
  • Bank Wire - Min. $1,000
  • Check (courier) - Min. $1,500
  • Bitcoin - Min. $20
  • Litecoin - Min. $20
  • Ethereum - Min. $20
  • Skrill - Min. $25
  • P2P - Min. $50
  • Neteller - Min. $25
  • Bank Wire - Min. $500
  • Check (courier) - Min. $500

BetOnline Review Bonuses

BetOnline offers various bonuses and promotions all year round. It’s a great site for players who use bonuses a lot. The players can enjoy a massive 50% welcome bonus with up to $2,500 for the first deposit. The first deposit is also granted a 10x rollover.

The regular rollover is 6x including the deposit, the bonus, and other fees. In Freeplay, players can cash in up to $1,000 even with a moderate 6x rollover. Others include a $50 bonus for free play betting on mobiles and a $25 bonus for free play.

BetOnline also offers a massive BitCoin bonus with 14x rollover. Players can earn a full bonus of up to $1,000 on the first BitCoin deposit they make.

Make sure to use the first deposit bonus, Betonline ag constantly launch sports betting promos so make sure to able the promos notification from your dashboard.

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BetOnline Review Highlights

BetOnline’s massive bonuses are highly lucrative to both professional and casual players. The sportsbook is most advantageous to American players. There’s a long list of games in the U.S. that sportsbook offers, including basketball, football, car racing, boxing, golf, martial arts, and many more. A good variety of bets is also available to all. But the site is quite praised for being ideal for betting on openers.

The sportsbook, of course, posts lines earlier and faster than any other betting website catering to U.S. players. Players can get NFL lines a week early. Early lines are available for other games too, such as MLB and NBA games, for which the site posts odds overnight.

The wagering limits on the site are wide as well. Players can place $1 bets at minimum and $25,000 bets at maximum. The betting limits are higher for popular sports like college football and football.


BetOnline Odds Rating

BetOnline Customer Support

BetOnline offers 24/7, all year round, customer support via email, phone, and live chat. Customer support is highly responsive, but many players don’t consider it to be top-notch.

Players have said that getting even a simple issue solves takes multiple phone calls and emails. On live chat, customer support reps have been accused of not knowing the company’s policies. Though customer support may be slow, issues are eventually solved.


Is BetOnline legit?

BetOnline is highly recommended for both casual and expert sports bettors thanks to massive bonuses, speedy withdrawals, early odd postings, and impressive wagering limits.

The site is known as a one-stop-shop for sports betting, casino games, online poker, and many other forms of betting that players can engage in using only a single account. The sportsbook is particularly well suited to American players.

Most other sites don’t come close to what BetOnline offers in terms of bonuses and odds posting speed. It’s a great site to place online bets, especially for NCAA college games.

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