Player complaint: do not issue payment after several weeks |

Player complaint: do not issue payment after several weeks

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Last Tuesday an SBR forum member posted a thread where hi alleged that (A rated C- sportsbook) had confiscated his payments. The player known as “sabotage5” explains the situation:

Player transcription
Dear Sirs, I kindly ask you to help me to get my win money.Approximately one year ago I registered at sportsbook Bet2u.When I wanted to order a withdrawal I was asked to send my documents.The documents were checked, but sportsbook had given me a reply that it was not enough and asked to go through personal identification with IDNOW service, but that was not easy because they had frequent technical problems and it took me quite a while.

When I finished identification test I wrote to sportsbook and I got a reply that everything was ok and they were still checking my account. It lasted another 2 months.After that they asked me to go through Skype Verification with their colleague, I passed that test successfully as well and my data were sent to security department. Approximately in 2 weeks my account was unblocked for withdrawal.But then I found out that I could not make withdrawal to Neteller system, only to bank account and no more than 500 Euro per week. I provided my bank account. The correspondence with sportsbook took several weeks and I got the first withdrawal. I ordered the next withdrawal and now I’m waiting for one month and get only promises or sometimes I do not get any replies.

The sportsbook has a lot of complaints regarding payments, we have to Google it, and there are more than 20 in the last 12 months, so we would like to recommend moving to another book with a higher rating.

We’ll keep this complaint updated as soon as the player provides more news.

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